Empowering YOU!

Hello there! It’s been such a long time since we last spoke via an EmpowerMoment! I am excited about the things that God has done in the past few years and even more stoked about what’s to come. Oh yes, welcome to our new home! From now on, you will be able to visit us here and find new and archived EmpowerMoments. Initially, we will post EmpowerMoments on Thursdays only, just as we did in the past.  However, as time permits and in the very near future, EmpowerMoments will increase to several times a week. Eventually, we will be delighted to take a moment DAILY to EMPOWER you!

For those of you who are new to EmpowerMoments, here’s a brief introduction:

EmpowerMoments are simply short narratives written specifically for and about women that have the sole purpose of encouraging and empowering you. Every EmpowerMoment is full of  raw testimony and deeply rooted in the Word of the God.  Think daily devotional with a “girl talk” twist. It is our greatest desire that each day you spend time empowering yourself, you are motivated to empower someone else.

We love to hear how our writings empower you, so please feel free to leave comments. Also, be sure to check the “Empower Me!” box on the comments page so that you never miss an EmpowerMoment again.

We hope you are as excited about empowering other women as we are! Thanks for stopping by!

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