And We’re Back!!!

I must apologize for not sending out the EmpowerMoment last Thursday but honestly, life got in the way! I must say that it really bothered me that the events of my life held up the show. I never want that to happen again so I prayed and ask God to send me a team of writers. (Drum Roll Please)…and He answered! Starting next week, you will get an EmpowerMoment each weekday from a different writer. I’m so excited about this and I cannot wait to introduce you to these lovely ladies…stay tuned!  Thank you for your continued support and as always be sure to leave us comments to let us know if you’re leaving feeling EMPOWERED!

1 thought on “And We’re Back!!!”

  1. Good to hear that you’ll have some help!! I was looking for my EmpowerMoments last week. Keep at it 😉

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