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Look At Me Now

Sometimes saying no can be hard. That long lost person texts you, hits you up on Facebook, sends an email, or even calls out of the blue. I had the chance to experience this a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I was the one who looked up an old friend. As soon as I found out he was engaged with two kids, I was ok with knowing where he was in life; however, he decided he still should hit me up. Now if this were five years ago I probably wouldn’t have cared. It wouldn’t have bothered me that I was chatting with him at work while his soon to be wife was at home taking care of their kids. But something inside me kept me from picking up the phone and answering those texts.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”   (Romans 12:2 KJV)

I sometimes sit and marvel at how I have evolved over the years. I am quite blessed to be where I am today. I think I was so lost. I just put a stop to EVERYTHING and decided to step back and work on me. This process started a few years ago and even though I had a few bumps in the road here I am…a total work in progress (because no one is perfect). However, what pains me the most is how people love to drag your past out or how they attempt to take you to a place that you have decided to abandon forever. It gets hard and yes it is very tempting, but I am learning more about myself through this process. I am strong and God is continuing to give me that strength daily.

Dear Daddy, thank You for getting my mind right. I know how important it is to honor You in all aspects of my life. I am not perfect but thank You for giving me the ability to make decisions and live my life in a way that will be pleasing to You. I ask that You continue to strengthen me in this area. In Your precious and Holy name, Amen!

Today I EMPOWER you to start to walk that path that God has laid out for you. Your journey is NOT in vain!

Shawna Dix is a mother, educator, and all around child of God. She is passionate about God, her son Jalen, family, friends, and her students. She loves teaching because it allows her to shower our youth with love and guidance. She resides in Pentagon City, Virginia and works hard educating inner city youth in Washington DC. She prides herself in being a realist. She exclaims that she is in no way, shape, form, or fashion perfect but she has accepted that she serves a perfect God who is able to do ALL things!

3 thoughts on “Look At Me Now”

  1. Lol, God is so on time. I’ve recently had to ignore a few calls and texts from a dangerous. Praising God for moving forward. Turning back turns you into salt!

  2. Shawna…I love it! I am definitely a work in progress and God is definitely pruning me. I need to remember to resist the urges. Thanks for the reminder!

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