Empower Yourself to Win!

Each month EmpowerMoments will feature a contest with some really cool prizes. Everyone loves to win FREE stuff so be sure to participate! Come and join the winner’s circle!

June’s Contest:

As you know, this month we are celebrating Black Music Month. So what a more fitting prize than Black music?! One lucky winner will receive a CD from each week containing one of the songs that was featured in an EmpowerMoment that week.  That’s right—you have the chance to win FIVE CDs!

To be entered in this month’s contest, you must answer the following five questions about the posts in the Black Music Month series:

Imagine you have a friend who calls you up and tells you the following statements. What EmpowerMoment in the Black Music Month Series do you refer her to for empowerment? Choose from the following EmpowerMoments: (Wonderful Change, You Gotta Be Strong, Just Like Water, The Potter’s House & Gratefulness)

(1)    I don’t see how I am going to make it through this difficult time. My mind, body and soul are so weak. Where am I going to get the strength from to deal with this?

(2)    Today was a horrible day. My boss is a micro-manager, my son is acting crazy, and my transmission went out. Not to mention all of the other things going wrong in my world. My life really sucks.

(3)    I just keep messing up in this area. I thank God that He has helped me overcome a lot of other things but this one area is really challenging. I keep beating myself up because I can’t get this one right.

(4)    I really just can’t get over this situation. I feel horrible and my heart has truly been shattered. I feel broken and really need God to fix me up.

(5)    I am such a mess a right now but I want some help. I really want to know this God that you talk about all of the time. However, I cannot honestly believe that a perfect God like that could love a woman as messed up as I am.

**The fine print: You must answer all five questions correctly to be entered into the drawing. There is only ONE right answer for each question. You must be an active subscriber at the end of the contest period to be eligible for the prizes. Contest ends June 28, 2011 @ 11:59pm CST.  All winners will be chosen by a random number generator. If you have any questions, please email us at**

10 thoughts on “Empower Yourself to Win!”

  1. 1-You Gottat be Strong
    2-Wonderful Change
    3-Wonderful Change
    4-The Potter’s House & Gratefulness
    5-Just like Water

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