June’s Contest Winner

Join us in congratulating the winner of our June contest:

***Ms. Karitsa Mosley (trekoutureaffairs1)***

Karitsa was the only entry with all five answers correct. She will add the following selections from each week of the Black Music Month Series to her collection:

Week 1: 8 Great Hits: Women of Gospel feat. Tremaine Hawkins’ “The Potter’s House

Week 2: Around the World in a Day feat. Prince’s “The Ladder

Week 3: The Sound feat. Mary Mary’s “God in Me

Week 4: Acoustic Soul feat. India.Arie’s “Ready for Love

Week 5: In This Life Together feat.  Kindred the Family Soul’s “Woman First

Congratulations Karitsa and Happy Black Music Month!

Dance as if no one is watching!

Correct answers are listed below:

(1)   You Gotta Be Strong– I don’t see how I am going to make it through this difficult time. My mind, body and soul are so weak. Where am I going to get the strength from to deal with this?

(2)  Gratefulness – Today was a horrible day. My boss is a micro-manager, my son is acting crazy, and my transmission went out. Not to mention all of the other things going wrong in my world. My life really sucks.

(3)  Wonderful Change – I just keep messing up in this area. I thank God that He has helped me overcome a lot of other things but this one area is really challenging. I keep beating myself up because I can’t get this one right.

(4)  The Potter’s House – I really just can’t get over this situation. I feel horrible and my heart has truly been shattered. I feel broken and really need God to fix me up.

(5)  Just Like Water – I am such a mess a right now but I want some help. I really want to know this God that you talk about all of the time. However, I cannot honestly believe that a perfect God like that could love a woman as messed up as I am.

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