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Pain BEFORE Pleasure

Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. (Psalm 30:5 NLT)

Every time I take a flight I end up in excruciating pain. The cabin pressure coupled with the 30,000 feet elevation always causes my ears to stop up. Of course this is a common side effect of flying but my case is a bit more severe than many others. Most people’s ears will pop sometime during the flight or at the very latest, during the descension. However, mine won’t pop and relieve the tension until a much later time—often days later. This only results in a terrible pain that usually pushes me to the point of tears. Each time that I experience that pain, I vow to myself that I will never fly again. As a matter of fact, on my last flight to celebrate a close friend’s birthday, I promised myself that that was the absolute last time that I would subject my body to that type of torture.

My flying woes remind me of the painful situations that we endure in life. While we are in the midst of our various situations, we are experiencing so much hurt and despair. After the loss of a loved one, the pain is so intense that we can’t understand how we will be able to endure without them. When we lose employment, the agony and worry of making ends meet is so nerve wrecking that we can’t see how we are going to make it until we get another job. As physical pain is ravishing through our bodies due to chronic illnesses or disease, it’s almost impossible to imagine when our temples will be whole again. I’ve found that the key to enduring the pain of these situations is reflection. As I endure my flight pain, I have to remind myself of two things: (1) I have to remember how the pain subsided after the last flight. I have to remind myself that it won’t last always. After all, it NEVER does. The cliché goes, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not the ok, it’s not the end.” (2) I reminisce on the great times I experienced when I made it to my final destination. The memories made in Bermuda, Paris, Spain and all of the other wonderful places I have visited are indescribable. Yes, after the pain subsides there is a wonderful life to be enjoyed. It is imperative that you don’t get so caught up in the pain of your situation that you forget how God brought you through the last time. Look forward to what’s to come. Just as the scripture above states, joy comes in the morning. Redirect your attention from the weeping and pain to the joy and pleasure that is on the way!

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. (Romans 8:18 NLT)

If I choose to no longer fly, there are many places that I will never have the opportunity to explore and experience. So the temporary ear pain is necessary to see those places. Likewise, many of the blessings that God has in store for you are directly connected to your point of pain. If you don’t experience that pain, you will not experience the coming pleasure.

Dear Daddy,

I thank You for the painful times in my life. I pray that you give me the strength to endure those periods when it really hurts. Please give me the power to stand when I really just want to throw in the towel. Remind me of the previous victories that I have experienced. Remind me of the future promises that You will perform. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Today I EMPOWER you to simply endure the pain. Pain sets you up for His promises of pleasure. Pain also helps you to truly appreciate those moments of pleasure.

Mrs. Kristen Harris is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and dedicated servant.  She is extremely passionate about women’s spiritual advancement, hence the founding of EmpowerMoments.  As an avid reader, Kristen enjoys reading the Bible more than anything. Her driving inspiration is when God says to her: “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11) She currently resides outside of Chicago, Illinois with her wonderful husband and two lovely daughters where she is an active member of New Life Covenant Church.

9 thoughts on “Pain BEFORE Pleasure”

  1. Like always,a great word! Perspective during pain should always be fixed on situations are suppose to develop us, not destroy us! Our light affliction is but for a moment…..2 Cor 4:17

  2. Krissy,

    I loved this blog. I found myself sitting in Trader Joe’s parking lor crying as I read this message on my iPhone.

    Thanks for the message. We never know who we are blessing!


  3. Krissy when I read this message yesterday I was so overjoyed because this is confirmation, I’m so glad that God gave you this em because I needed to hear that there is pain before pleasure! Thank you

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