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Sermon Sundays: Prepare for BIG

Couldn’t make it to church? No worries, we are bringing church to you! We have a new feature, Sermon Sundays, where we will feature a snippet of a wonderful sermon from various men and women of God. Please don’t keep the Word to yourself; share it with all of your loved ones!

Are you REALLY expecting God to do something BIG in your life?

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Pastor John F. Hannah was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he still lives with his wife Anna of eighteen years. At present he is the Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church and radio host for Chicago’s # 1 rated Gospel radio program, “The John Hannah Morning Show.”  With Jesus being the focus he reaches the hearts of thousands with compassion and an inspired sense of humor, like none other. Pastor Hannah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Alabama State University.

Motivated to eliminate the walls of religion and denominationalism, Pastor Hannah is the founder and senior pastor of New Life Covenant Church. New Life Covenant Church consists of individuals from different races, cultures and backgrounds—all combined for the common purpose of worshiping God. Pastor Hannah is committed to making an impact in the lives of the poor and less fortunate by spreading the love and abundance of Jesus Christ through outreach.

3 thoughts on “Sermon Sundays: Prepare for BIG”

  1. I viewed this entry,this morning,and had to meditate on it.”Expect God to do stupid big”,was or am I capable of this? I believe that the pre-requisite for this is trust. Is my relationship with Jesus at the capacity to think so big,desire so big, or even want so big from the Father? No! Now,I am at the throne asking God to give me his eyes so that when he says something in his word I wont internalize it with my own human understanding and that I would have His heart and understanding so that I may think in the capacity of BIG.The Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance(once again and as always he is sooo AWESOME!) how others in the bible struggled with not expecting or trusting God for Big and how this is a prevalent reality for many others and even myself,but what the Holy Spirit reminded me of was when Mary and Martha asked Jesus to come visit Lazarus.All they wanted was a visit. Maybe they thought that just his presence was “good” enough for them or maybe he would automatically heal him because that was Jesus thing(heal all of the sick). Whatever they expected was not what God wanted. Because what God wanted was not to just perform another healing through Jesus(though that would’ve been amazing as well),but he wanted to resurrect Lazarus. I found four definitions for resurrection(Resurrection:•The act of rising from the dead or returning to life.•The state of one who has returned to life.•The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; and my favorite is the act of bringing back to use(paraphrasing). Oh, poor Mary and Marthe because they were not in tuned with the Father they couldn’t expect BIG! They wanted their brother to get healed,but The Father wanted to put Lazarus back to use for the advancement of His Kingdom! God wants so much for us only if we could trust this reality.Once,again Empower moments you’ve completed your purpose to empower me in the moment. I actually didn’t go to church this morning(I was at home receiving healing) and felt bad because of it,but God had something else in mind.Lastly,you make being a 24 year old wife and stay-at-home mom of two rubies,so much fun!

  2. Lisa, I totally appreciate how you broke that down! The act of putting back to use. He is so interested in using what we have, bringing it back to life and putting it back to USE! I am so glad that God gave you a revelation in this.

    PS–you have some stuff in your belly; we may need you on the team 😉 I’ll be in prayer about that!

  3. If the door opens I might just walk-in,but all glory to the guide and revealer of truth the Holy Spirit(I mention his name alot now because he is as equal as saying,Father God,or Jesus) he is the author I was just his tool (he put me to use),but continue to pray and I will pray also and if it’s the Father will then let him will.I hope that everyone who reads the first comment will be drawn closer to God and know that he has things to reveal to them as well! Love you EmpowerMoments:)

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