Sermon Sundays

Sermon Sundays: Go ALL In!

Couldn’t make it to church? No worries, we are bringing church to you! We have a new feature, Sermon Sundays, where we will feature a snippet of a wonderful sermon from various men and women of God. Please don’t keep the Word to yourself; share it with all of your loved ones!

Have you done everything that God told you to do in order to reach your breakthrough? If He said dip 7 times, 6 times isn’t enough. You must go ALL the way!

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2 thoughts on “Sermon Sundays: Go ALL In!”

  1. There was a message here. “7” represents completion. He dipped seven times and was healed. I can assume some things we are trying to accomplish in our lives but we fail or not fully complete 1,2,3,4,5,6 times. No need to give up try the one last time, the 7th time and see the ending results.

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