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My Plan vs. God’s Plan

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel-that will stand. Proverbs 19:21 (NKJV)

My Plan:

Many times in life we put together a plan for ourselves: graduate from college, go to grad school, start a career and then have a family.  We have the timelines set according to the age and year of when we hope to accomplish “our plan”.  My plan went like this: college, a year off, law school, then family.  Well in the beginning, I should have included God.  Looking back, if I had included God, I would have realized sooner that my plan was not His plan for me….

After graduation, I moved to Atlanta.  Living in Atlanta was a hard learning experience. I went from job to job never finding the right one.  Finally, I went into business for myself, marketing for one of the major festivals in Atlanta.  It paid some of my bills but it was not steady money.  I was on my on, stubborn and refusing to go back to my little hometown.  I got caught up in the hustle of life and the one year break before law school turned into three years.   My oldest brother would call me periodically encouraging me to go back home and just start over. But I was not having it nor hearing it.  I was pursuing MY plans…

Even though I was not consulting God for my life plans, God stepped in and started showing me that He was still watching over me during my hardest times. He showed me this through a series of events.  First, my car broke down. When I took it to a mechanic, he was sure that the insurance/warranty would not cover the repair but I insisted that he call and ask anyway.  He was very discouraging, but while he called I went home and I prayed and prayed.  Not long after, I received a call that the company had agreed to do the repair almost at no cost.  I knew it was God! The mechanic said that it had never happened before.  Shortly after that I received a speeding ticket and a no insurance ticket, rushing to work.  Both tickets together would have been over $500 and I was in a serious financial drought.  My job was barely paying my bills.  The day of court, I was going to put on a lime green suit, but burned the pants and I had to wear black (black and any other demure color are great colors for which to wear to court, but I didn’t know that at the time). I went to court that day prepared to pay the ticket but not the insurance fine. Well to make a long story short, I got two days of community service and didn’t have to pay anything.  Of course once again, it was God!  By this time, I had started considering moving back home and as circumstances would have it, I had to give up my apartment and basically had no where to live.  Yes, once again, my God stepped in! How coincidental it was that my manager needed someone to house-sit her beautiful apartment for 2 weeks.  I did not go a day without a roof over my head.  But I knew that it was time to go home.  All along I had been pursuing MY plan and never giving any thought to what His plans for me were. It was time to start over and my God had shown me this mercifully and gently. 

His Plan:

I returned home in October, got a job in a law firm as the office manager in November, and was accepted into law school before that year was over.  All of these blessings happened after I let go of my plan and started listening to God’s plan.  For I know the plan I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

If I had placed God in front of my plans and then told Him, “not my will, but Your will Father”, maybe it would not have taken me 3 years to get it right.  Often, we move forward with our will at the forefront and in the process it delays our blessings.  We must learn to place God first, then listen and watch for what He would have us to do or become.    Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plan will succeed. Proverb 16:3

Dear Daddy,

I thank You for Your mercy, Your love and Your kindness. Forgive me when I allow my plans to get in the way of Your plans.  Daddy, I have learned to place You first but if I slip, be gentle with me and place me back on Your course.  Daddy, You have truly carried me through and I know not where I would be had I continued my stubbornness. I pray for guidance always. Please help other independent women to know when they are pursuing plans that are their own and not Yours.  Help them to know when to be still, so that they may know the difference.  For we understand the saying that anything that is worth having is worth working for but help us to know when we are laboring in Your will and when we are laboring in vain. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Ladies, I EMPOWER you today to place God first as you plan for success and be guided by His love and grace.  Know that He is with you always.  Be still, be willing to listen and be blessed! In the meantime, it is not too late to start over.  Better to get delayed blessings than to never get them.

Beverly Gordon is a graduate of Gonzaga School of Law (Spokane, WA) and currently works as an Executive Assistant and Director of Compliance.  She is a devoted mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend who believes in the importance of teaching children the power of prayer.  In her journey of loving and leaning on the Lord she meditates on Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” She resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with her beautiful daughter and is an active member of the Springfield United Methodist Church.

20 thoughts on “My Plan vs. God’s Plan”

  1. Beverly,I always admire a woman who work in the law field(that has been a dream of mine),but once again a writer has confirmed the mouth of God to me. I had a situation yesterday where my “planning” backfired on me. I had a meeting to attend on a Friday @7pm and because I have this tendency to try and plan all of my days to the tee,God showed me that I could loose the plans and appointments that HE has PLANNED for me if I continued to operate as the “planner” of my life. Once again it was a humbling moment.I thought that being organized and planning everything was His will,but I never centered him or consulted him in my planning and the sad thing is I try to plan everyone days(my husbands,daughters,and etc.). God is so merciful and I hope that I will stay in this renewed my state that it’s not about me and what I need or have to-do,but it’s about what He had planned and purposed for me too do! Thank you my dear sister and I pray that God will continue too prosper you as a successful woman! Continue EM because I truly do need the empowerment! P.S. Lately it’s been feeling like you guys are Confirmation Moments,LOL….

    1. Lisa, I am glad that this empowermoment spoke to you. May God continue to guide you. Be blessed and always remember to place God first. And thanks so much for your encouraging words.

  2. Sister Beverly:
    Your Empowerment Moment is right on time. So many, many times we have taken our lives into our own hands and made a total mess. But, God who is all knowing and all powerful has a more perfect plan for each of us that we cannot even begin to imagine. There are times when God has to place us in the valley before we come to our senses. Those of us who are Born-again, Baptized believers must come to the realization that He is our Father and we are His children; His plan and His way are the best for us. I encourage you, Sister Beverly and each sister to trust in God’s timing; don’t try to get ahead of God, seek God for His perfect will for your lives.
    Be blessed.

    1. Geri, thank you for your comments. We are always in such a hurry to have what we want. I am learning to trust in God’s timing and His will. As I do this, I am realizing that I should not stress over things but instead, relax and be still and give Him control. I am finding that everything goes a lot smoother when I do this. May God continue to bless you and thanks once again.

  3. OOOOooooo… Lord knows I have been there, done that, and probably the President of that club 🙂 The funny thing about this is that God’s plan is sooo much easier than ours once we submit! Thanks for sharing! Be Blessed!

    1. Latasha, you are soooooo right. When we submit things go alot smoother and everything is a lot easier. Thanks for your comment. Be blessed, highly favored one. That was a message for you.

  4. Beverly,
    I am so feeling you on that right now. It is all about submitting to God and His will and not our own. Myself, like you had great plans for my life but once I allowed God to set his plans in motion, I’m alright now. And I’m giving God all the praise, honor and the glory!!! Continue to be blessed my friend.

    1. Thank You Dora. God has a way of working everything out. His plans are always greater than our own, sometimes its takes us longer to see the big picture. Actually, sometimes we have to look backwards in order to see how He has worked in our present. Be blessed.

  5. Beverly,

    As I ponder over your words I have to look back over my life, at the many plans I had and GOD said no. But I realize that his will is all perfect. In John 6:27 Labor not for meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of Man shall give unto you. Words I try to live by daily.
    Thanks for you encouragment.

  6. Beverly, I too have made plans for my life and God showed me early on that my plans were definitely not his plans. When I graduated from college I had it all mapped out and I really thought I knew what I was doing BUT God did not let my plans manifest. I was devastated and as I have matured I have learned the importance of letting God be the Master Planner for my life.

    1. Now there’s a new title for the Lord “Master Planner” because that is what He is. At the end of the day, we all must relax and meditate on “All things work for the good to those who love the Lord”. Be blessed and a shout out goes to maturity.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I’m trying to see what God has in store for me during this time of transition. Its been something to see Him work in my life! Keep writing and continued blessings!

    1. Serena, thank you for your encouragement. I would like to encourage you in your time of transition to simply be still. When in transition the best virtue is patience. I really find fasting and praying helpful, as well. Be blessed. God is in control.

  8. OMG I promise this EM was written specifically for me. Literally this is my plan to graduate college, take a year off then go to law school. I already planted in my head that I was not moving back home and some way some how I was jumping! Wow this was awesome. What is God’s plan?

    1. Chaunte, I think you just received your answer. Do the opposite of what I did. Graduate and go directly to law school. I wish I had gone to law school instead of taking that “year” off. It turned into three years for me. It is very easy to get caught up, especially if you are a hard worker. Take care of business first…law school. Don’t worry about making money…you will make enough (hopefully) once you become an attorney. Don’t stress about loans or being in debt….law school is an investment. Do Pray for your health and a sound mind. And always remember that God is in control. Be blessed.

  9. This is awesome Beverly! I KNOW Ive made some plans and just KNEW that I had it all figured out! I (bolded) planned to have my business open like 3 years ago. Back then, I was angry with God wondering why He didnt let it flourish. 3 years later, I understand that back then I wasnt even ready for what I was asking for. He wouldve granted my wish and today I would have nothing to show for it! God in His infinite wisdom really does know best. I know I’ve said it before somewhere, but one of my favorite quotes goes like this: When we stand on the brink of eternity looking back at this earthly existance, we will know then what we only know now by faith–God makes no mistakes. 🙂

    Be blessed my sister!

  10. Kristina, what a great quote. It reminds me of the sayings “nothing happens without a reason” and “there are no such things as coincidences”. God is always in control. Thank you and be blessed.

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