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Just Say NO!

The word “no” contains only two letters; yet, it is one of the hardest words for many of us to verbalize. I woke up excited about my vacation and relaxed because I planned out my to do list for the day. Everything was scheduled perfectly. I had some housework to do and then a 12:00pm appointment. The phone rung, “Ms. Lundy,” the small voice whispered “we can take you at 10:30am.” I looked at the clock and hesitated before I said, “Ok, but it’s 9:40 and it takes me at least 35 minutes to get there.” She was quiet as if she was giving me an opportunity to back out and just stick to my regular appointment but I didn’t. I reluctantly said, “Ok, I’ll be there.” All of a sudden, I was in panic mode. I was still in bed and needed to be at an appointment 35 minutes away. I jumped up, showered and threw on the first set of clothes I could find. Needless to say, I was rushing.

Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly. Proverbs 14:29 NIV

As fate would have it, I caught every single red light that separated me from the highway. The cars in front of me weren’t going fast enough and I was beginning to shout obscenities in the confines of my car. At first I chided myself for not being “ready” when the call came; however, as I continued to drive and feel my rage building at these drivers who obviously didn’t know that I was going to be late for an appointment, I realized that I brought this situation on myself. See, when the receptionist called me I could have said, “No, I will stick to my scheduled time.” She didn’t make me take the appointment. She merely let me know what was available to me. Because of my own reluctance to tell her no, I became a humungous ball of negative energy. This beauty appointment had now become a “burden.”

“…let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,” Hebrews 12:1 KJV

Have you found yourself here before? You have taken on extra burdens, although you know they aren’t a part of your plan. You realize that expending energy on these “weights” will throw you off course and now you get upset when you have to deal with the responsibilities. You have a short temperament and your patience is low because this wasn’t what God told you to do anyway. All of this started because you weren’t courageous enough to say, N-O. You find yourself losing sleep and having anxiety over a situation that has nothing to do with you. You find yourself in a financial bind because you couldn’t say no. You have so much on your plate and now you are taking it out on your loved ones all because you failed to say NO!

That anxiety over the fact that I might be late to an appointment that I was actually going to early was ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that it was not a part of my course. Sometimes we have to sit back and ask God, before we say yes, “Is this what you want me to be doing, right now? Is this on my race course? Am I dragging weight onto the course, that doesn’t belong to me? Is this a part of my divine assignment?”

While the story of the beauty appointment may seem a bit extreme, it made me reflect on the many times that I have said Y-E-S, when I should’ve just said N-O.

Dear Daddy,

Thank You for wisdom. Help me to recognize when to say yes and when to say no. Give me the courage to say NO, especially when my spirit feels that saying yes isn’t the right thing to do. Continue to guide me on the course that You have outlined for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Today, I EMPOWER you to evaluate the things that are causing stress in your life. Are these things a part of your assignment or someone else’s? If you are being thrown off of your race, give it back and tell them NO. I EMPOWER you to just say NO! 

Merry Christmas Ladies! Remember that Jesus is the REASON for this season.

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Ms. Chancee` Lundy currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is a small business co-owner of Nspiregreen, LLC an environmental consulting firm. She is also a dedicated daughter, sister, friend, community servant, and child of God. She is passionate about causes that truly uplift the community. One of her favorite scriptures is Hebrews 11:6: “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

2 thoughts on “Just Say NO!”

  1. Chancee,I N-E-E-D-E-D this! I just experienced this, this morning,but my appointment was for a home scheduling. It’s hard saying,NO. Well,at least sometimes because some people hear no come out of my mouth so fast versus some who have never heard it and should,but you are right in all things we should ask the Father first. I really need to make this an action plan saying,NO! I L-O-V-E-D this one and merry Christmas to you too! Continue EM!

  2. Chancee, thank you! I often find myself in a bind just because I do not say NO! I’m always the person it seems that people don’t mind inconveniencing because they kno I will say yes. I am so glad God used you to put this into perspective for me. Im going to stop being worried about who is mad because I couldn’t give them money, take them anywhere and etc. and start focusing on staying on the course God has designed for my life!

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