EmpowerMoments Needs Your Support!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being so loyal to EmpowerMoments! Because of your votes we were able to make it past the semi-final round for the Black WeBlog Awards. We are again humbly asking for your support as we have advanced to the Finals. You can vote for EmpowerMoments in the following three categories:

  1. Best Blog Post Series: EmpowerMoments – Single in the City
  2. Best Faith Based Blog
  3. Best Writing In A Blog

Even more than the opportunity to win awards, we are excited that the message of God’s love and redemption is stretching across the globe. We are glad that our personal stories have had the opportunity to bless so many others. After you vote, please forward this message to at least one other person.  Please continue to keep EmpowerMoments in your prayers as God uses this platform as vehicle for His glory. Again, we appreciate your support.

Please click here to vote for EmpowerMoments in the 2012 BlackWeBlog Awards!


The EmpowerMoments Team

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