Naughty Girls In The Word: Gomer

In honor of Women’s History Month, ladies enjoy this  ”bad girl” series as we share our personal connections with women in the Bible who are notorious for being bad.

The Power of Love

The following story is a modern-day rendition of Hosea 1-3

Dear Maury,

I write to you because I’ve always lived life in the fast lane. I enjoy going out having a good time and I am not going to lie, I enjoy sex. Sounds like I’m living a good life, right? Well, wrong! I am writing because not too long ago somehow this crazy girl settled down and got married! I know, what was I thinking! Since I’ve been married, my family has grown and I now have three children, Jezreel, Lo-ruhamah and Lo-Ammi….not by my husband! (I’m sure you want to book me already.) Can you believe that my husband took me back all three times?! I don’t know though, I’m just naturally not a house woman; there’s no good in me! I enjoy being out and about so a few months ago I ran away from him and started living with another man. I wasn’t ashamed of my behavior at all, Maury! I did it out in the open and people knew about my affairs. My husband expressed his embarrassment but since he kept forgiving me I decided to ignore his pleas and continue doing what I wanted to do. One day, my husband came and got me from Jonny’s house bringing gifts. He told me if I remained faithful to him, in turn he would remain faithful to me. That’s when it hit me! Maury, I have a good husband! I want to come on your show to publicly rededicate myself to my husband and start living the right way.

Dear Maury,

Thank you for writing me regarding my wife wanting to be on the show. Yes, she is right! She has had three children on me but I continue to protect and care for her. She is my wife and no matter what the world sees I always see pass her flaws to her value and worth. Yes, the community dogs me out and calls me a fool but I love her. And until she takes her last breath I will continue to do all in my power to fight for her.

Does that sound familiar? It isn’t my story, but let me share mine.

I once loved this guy. You could not have told me that I wouldn’t have his last name one day. And now even though we are done, there is still a small inkling of hope even though I know we are finito. One night, I was crying, crying, CRYING over this guy and our demise when the Lord spoke to me saying, “How do you think I feel when people hurt me?”

Can you imagine having children, friends, a spouse, or anyone that continued to do you wrong yet because you loved them you kept rescuing them? They are an embarrassment to you and people in the neighborhood are talking about you, honey! Your business is out there! You look like a fool because you’ve taken Person X, Y, Z back time and time again! You cry asking God why this person cheated, didn’t return your $100 or talked behind your back… but you’ve known them how long? God formulated you in your mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5), knows the number of hairs on your head  (Luke 12:7) and knows you better you know yourself (Psalms 139:1-18), so how do you think He feels when we cheat on Him, don’t return 10% of the money He gave us or talks about what He hasn’t done for us?

That day I was on my knees crying and physically hurt over a guy I spent a season with so I can’t imagine the hurt God feels when I, the apple of His eye, turn away from Him.

Dear Daddy,

I want to apologize for hurting, disappointing and embarrassing You. I am Your child called to do Your work and at times I have not acted accordantly. God, I ask that this year our marriage strengthens so that I don’t step out on You and I remain faithful to Your will. Just as the Proverbs 31 woman’s husband had confidence in her, I want You to have the same confidence in me! I want You to be proud of me Lord. And while I know You will always forgive and rescue me, I don’t want to stray from Your law. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!  

Ladies, I EMPOWER you as we approach Good Friday to remember the love that God has for us. Recall the times He accepted you for who you are, rescued you from the arms of another and gave you peace. And if you can’t recall any of those moments, just remember that He gave His only son to get beat, lied on and crucified for our salvation and that is enough in itself! 

Take the “Naughty Girls Bible Challenge” tomorrow for your chance to win! Stay tuned for details!


Ms. Dené B. is a student of life who enjoys human studies and social media. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago where the motto is “Preparing People to Lead Extraordinary Lives,” She took her education and school spirit to heart and now is a young adult striving to live an extraordinary life while helping others achieve the same. With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations and minors in Sociology and Visual Communication, Dené’s worked at a top PR firm but her greatest accomplishments resides in volunteer work with Autism Speaks and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Currently, she finds herself pursuing a vision God placed in her of starting her own business. One of her go to scriptures is, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV). 

2 thoughts on “Naughty Girls In The Word: Gomer”

  1. Bravo! As soon as a I read the Maury dialog I started thinking about how often “cheat” on God. This was beautifully written and I am encouraged and inspired to ensure that I keep God first! Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. Enjoyed reading the blog for myself. It’s one thing to formulate a thought, but something completely different to organize and express those thoughts in a way that empowers others. Continue to assert yourself, you never know where God may take you.

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