Break EVERY Chain

The following blog you are about to read addresses a universal issue. No matter where you live, your age, gender or ethnic background the vast majority of us have struggled with it. This universal terror to society is, weight!

Since the year began I haven’t found the least bit of motivation to attend the gym. Last year, I lived at the gym; I did two-a-days, yoga class, I was about that life! But now, I’m pretty sure if you came and put a water gun to my head, I still wouldn’t go. It is my opinion that I’ve become addicted to fast food (It’s a real thing, read here). The quickness, low hassle and just the high fat, high salt and sugar have me addicted.

I’m embarrassed to disclose how little I’ve cooked at home this year and even how much I order. Last year, I had a STRICT lifestyle. If I was going out with my friends I would pack veggies because I knew at the end of the night they would want to hit up a fast food place and I wasn’t interested. So what hindered me? Because at one point, I did run well…literally!

I sat down and had a real conversation with myself. I wondered if it’s a comfort zone issue, fear of failure, a void or emptiness feeling. Am I secretly unhappy? Why am I cheating myself? Why am I holding back on myself? Is it that I feel that’s the only thing I control in my life? What is it?!?!

And then it hit me!

This thing is literally a generational curse! Everyone in my family eats poorly. My parents eat one meal a day and so do I. My biggest fear is becoming a wife and mother and slowly killing my family due to my poor food choices. I want my children to grow up never having to diet but just knowing to choose the right foods. For example, my mom never allowed junk food in the house; therefore to this day I eat candy maybe twice a year and I’m not a big pop drinker.

Anyway, all that being said, I’m not in a good place. I’ve lost my motivation to do well. One night, while blasting ‘Break Every Chain’ I pulled into a fast food place. I realized while I need God to break financial burdens, soul ties and bad partnerships I need Him to break this addiction as well.

We’ve heard it a million times, “Your body is a temple” but do we actually realize that only the king’s riches can enter into a temple? Let’s be honest, if Jesus came to dinner would you feed Him McDonald’s? If I’m created in the likeness of Him why would I give it to myself if I wouldn’t feed it to Him? Gluttony exhibits a lack of fleshly control and a sense of selfishness. There’s no difference between gluttony and fornication. You have sex you get an STD, you overeat you have diabetes. You feel horny there’s people open late to help you, you feel hungry there’s places open late to help you. Maybe I’m being extreme but I’m a firm believer that the devil only needs a crack in the foundation to bring down the house. James 1:14-15 states, “But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” Unhealthy foods have made me sluggish, unmotivated and drained. The devil wants that because he knows my purpose; therefore my sin of overeating is birthing sin and premature death.

So I asked God to break the bad eating chain. I started the, “30 Days of Acts Right” for the month of May just to get me kicked started of making healthier choices. (I’m also reading a chapter of Acts a night for other personal reasons, which is where the name came from.) I’m ready for this addiction to be done. I mean I can control my flesh pretty well in other areas but for some reason when it comes to food I am weak…and the devil knows! The first week, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been doing well but every day I ask God to break the chain!

Dear Daddy,

I ask that You give me strength and will power to continue on this journey. Bring people in my life who can feed me with wisdom on health and nutrition. God, convict me whenever I reach for something that I know I shouldn’t consume. Lord, I am created in the image of you and I know I would never feed You the crap I’ve been putting in my body. Father, I ask for power and I ask that You break this chain! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Ladies, I EMPOWER you to commit to your fitness goals. Our children are watching what we eat and we are setting a tone for them. We should be healthy and exhibit self-control in every aspect of life not just on sexual sin or our tempers. It matters what we put in our bodies and God wants us to stop allowing food to kill us slowly. If you want, start my 30 Days of Acts Right plan. Pick a book in the bible and work through it as you just slowly start living healthier. Even if it is something minute, such as no soda or increasing your water intake. The time is now!

Are you taking care of the temple that God gave you, what keeps you disciplined?

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Ms. Dené B. is a student of life who enjoys human studies and social media. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago where the motto is “Preparing People to Lead Extraordinary Lives,” She took her education and school spirit to heart and now is a young adult striving to live an extraordinary life while helping others achieve the same. With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations and minors in Sociology and Visual Communication, Dené’s worked at a top PR firm but her greatest accomplishments resides in volunteer work with Autism Speaks and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Currently, she finds herself pursuing a vision God placed in her of starting her own business. One of her go to scriptures is, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV).

4 thoughts on “Break EVERY Chain”

  1. This was powerful! i could hear your determination too and I stand in agreement with you! “The devil only needs a crack in the foundation to bring down the house”….wow; I am going to remember this and start praying those cracks sealed and that I too get on my grind to not open any other cracks… my addiction is to chocolate, sweets. I have been told I have pretty teeth and i have a great smile but recently my a piece of my tooth broke off, the one where i had the root canal so I am like I have to get it together. It is my goal to have my original teeth to the grave as healthy as can be. (LBS) Loved your EM! Stay encouraged!

  2. I JUST started a veggie and fruit “cleanse” this week! My hangup is bread… I love my biscuits, toast, muffins, and pastries! But I see myself getting out of shape, and I don’t like it. Thank you for the encouraging word!

  3. This post is on point and a blessing to me I stopped at Rally’s today to get a meal and I just told myself Imma stop this bad habit and I need you Lord and i just read this post I wish I would have read it before I went to Rally’s because I would have went straight home, I been trying to do better but you right I need him to break this chain of fastfood thank you sooooo much for this post and I will be doing the 30 day fastto break this chain.

  4. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to speak to me. I’ve been very lax and it’s time for me to get back committed to my healthy lifestyle. I will be joining you on the 30 day fast. (Praying about what Book I will be studying.) Thanks so much Dene’ for sharing your struggles and giving me a much needed boost!

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