Loving Myself Enough

I have heard time and time again how important it is to love myself. It’s been said, “How can you love someone, or want someone to love you when you don’t love yourself?”  It’s simple to just love yourself…right?  Well, why am I struggling to love myself the right way?  I sit and reflect back on situations. For instance, when I say “No” it beats me up half the time, so I find myself always saying “Yes” when I’d really rather say the opposite.  I forget about what’s important to me and focus on others.  I feel empty inside because I did, or do for others and they don’t do the same for me.  Maybe I’m too sensitive; maybe I just want to feel wanted.

I keep a lot on the inside because I don’t want to seem selfish. I ask myself is something wrong with me?  God told me NO!  He said there is nothing wrong with me, but what isn’t right about me is that I don’t love myself enough.  I read in a parent magazine once that if a child grows up in a praising environment, the child will learn to appreciate.  If a child grows up in an encouraging environment the child learns to be confident.  If a child grows up in an environment of understanding, the child will learn to be patient.  If a child grows up in a just environment the child will learn to be fair.  If a child grows up in a secure environment, the child will learn to trust.  If a child grows up in an approving environment, the child will develop self-esteem.  If a child grows up in an environment of acceptance and friendship, the child will learn to find love in people.

Is it too late for me?  Am I too old? No! I’m that little child on the inside, but If I will love myself and create in my life a feeling of praising, encouraging, understanding, security, approval, acceptance and friendship then it makes sense that I will grow into my womanhood.  Then I will begin to become appreciative, confident, fair, trust, and will have good self-esteem.  In the Bible, Proverbs 19:8 says, to acquire wisdom is to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper. (NLT)

Several scriptures pertaining to love in the Bible all say one thing that has stuck with me. Leviticus 19:18 , Matthew 19:19Matthew 22:39Luke 10:27Romans 13:9Galatians 5:14  and James 2:8 all say love your neighbor as yourself.  I am still God’s work in progress, and when I begin to respect myself, have good boundaries for myself and get to know what I like and enjoy and DO those things, that’s when my life will get a whole lot easier.

Dear Daddy,

You have loved me before I was created.  You loved me so much that You gave Your only Son to save me.  Thank You, God, for showing me love.  I will in return love myself the way You want me to love me. In Jesus Name, Amen! 

Ladies if you feel like me, I EMPOWER you to grow with me into loving yourself.  Get rid of doubt, insecurities and anything else that that takes the joy out of loving yourself.  It doesn’t mean you’re egotistical because you adore yourself.  It means you realize that you’re just as important as anyone, or anything else. 

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Ms. Hassanah White is a dedicated member of Faith Walkers Church in Birmingham, Alabama where their motto is to “Walk it out by Faith.”  She also serves as a member of the Praise Dance Ministry.  Hassanah is a true professional in the realm of marketing and customer service.  She’s a proud mother of a very energetic little boy named Jaden.  Hassanah believes laughter and prayer are the best medicines for any situation.  Her favorite scripture is Hebrews 11:6: “And without Faith it is impossible to please GOD, because anyone who comes to Him must BELIEVE that He exists and that He REWARDS those who earnestly seek Him.”

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