EmpowerMoments Needs YOU!

As you have probably noticed by now, you haven’t been receiving your daily dose of EmpowerMoments for the past several weeks. We have received calls and emails with inquiries and no, nothing is wrong! We just needed a break! Our writers, editors and team leaders were a bit burned out and just needed to catch their breath. Regularly scheduled EmpowerMoments will resume soon!  In the meantime, we wanted to write about something else…With your help and support, EmpowerMoments has expanded beyond our imagination! Of course with that expansion comes added responsibility. God has given our Servant-Leader, Kristen, a very detailed vision for the ministry but we will not be able to do this alone! We need YOU!

We wanted to first extend the invitation to you, our EmpowerMoments family, before we open these positions up to the public. Attached to this email you find a list of open positions that EmpowerMoments is currently recruiting for. These are all unpaid, volunteer positions, but we are confident that your reward will be great!

In addition to the descriptions and qualifications listed in the document, the primary requirement for all positions is that you are a born-again believer who devoutly believes that Jesus died and rose again that we may be saved. Applicants must also have consistent internet accessibility since this is a virtual ministry and 99% of our business is conducted through emails and virtual meetings.

 EmpowerMoments Open Positions & Teams

Please thoroughly review the list and find a match for your skill set and gifting. Next, prayerfully consider if God wants you to be a part of the EmpowerMoments Ministry and if you have the time to uphold your commitment. Finally, submit an email of interest, along with your resume` and any other required documents to recruiting@empowermoments.org with the your name and the position(s) that you are applying for in the subject line (i.e. Jane Smith — Marketing Team, Prayer Partner) All qualified applicants must complete an interview screening and submit a letter of recommendation (due at the time of the interview).

Should you have any questions about the positions or process, please forward all questions to recruiting@empowermoments.org.

Thank you for your continued support of the EmpowerMoments Ministry!

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