Something From Nothing

The earth was without form, and void… And God said, “Let there be…and there was… Genesis 1:2-3 NKJV

For the last ten years there has been an undying yearning inside of me to become a serial entrepreneur, as I like to call her.  The spirit of entrepreneurship has been a weighty burden that I have carried for a while now.  I want nothing more than to experience financial freedom, flexibility and create generational wealth and legacies for my great-grandchildren’s children.   I didn’t just fathom this vision of being a successful business mogul on my own either.  I am confident that God implanted every idea that ferociously dances through my head.  He continues to give me glimpses of the point where my physical being meets my destiny.  I can see myself in day to day operations of several of my businesses.   I envision the lives that will be impacted and changed through business encounters.  I rejoice when I think about the souls that will be saved because of a cordial conversation or exceptional customer service.  God has shown me that my business ventures will reach far beyond revenue and profits; they will literally alter people’s thinking and move them to new dimensions in Christ.   Now that sounds awesome to me! But here I am nearly eleven years later and I can see little accomplishments for all of those lavish dreams.

Based on what I just described, you would think that I have made significant progress towards opening the first business on my checklist.  However, that is not the case.  I haven’t secured the finances to begin; I haven’t connected with the right people; I haven’t serviced my potential customers.  The only evidence that I have outside of visions in my mind is my business plan.  While that is a great start, it doesn’t really amount to much when you are as ready as I am to get the ball rolling.  In my opinion, I have nothing to show for a whole heap of something that I want to see.   I’ve been discouraged looking at my empty glass, thinking about how full God promised that it would be, but I vowed to not wallow in that valley of hopelessness for too long.  Each time I begin to doubt my dreams and the promises that He has made, I remember that I am the child of One who can literally take my nothing and make a superb something out of it. I recall that this beautiful thing that I get to walk on and experience everyday was once a bunch of nothing too! Oh, but God took this formless, voided nothing and made something magnificent out of it! This something is now full of gorgeous bodies of water, breathtaking flowers and greenery, amazing wildlife and mind-boggling celestial bodies, but it once nothing! And God changed that–with just a few words—in a matter of days! Imagine that! All He has to do to form our nothing into to something is say the words, “Let there be”, and it shall be instantly!

Whatever you are waiting for God to do in your life, remain encouraged.  Even if you cannot place your hands on anything tangible that indicates that it’s going to get better, believe God anyway! Your restored relationships, your healing, your financial increase, your moment of rest, or whatever your something is, is going to come to fruition! He is going to form a beautiful, unique something exclusively for you!

Dear Daddy,

I am excited about my future! Right now I have nothing that remotely exemplifies where I am going, but I trust that You are going to miraculously transform that nothing into an amazing something!  When I begin to feel discouraged, remind me of Your promises to me.  Because I know that You never fail to deliver on a promise, I will trust You until something is conceived from my nothing.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Today I EMPOWER you to remain faithful to your dreams even in your seasons of nothingness.  Believe that God is going to make good on His promises and turn your nothing into the something that you have always dreamed of and more! I EMPOWER you to believe that God is going to blow your mind with just a few words: “Let there be!”

What is your nothing situation that God is about to birth something from?


Submitted anonymously

1 thought on “Something From Nothing”

  1. This post is very encouraging! I understand how is to have a dream or a goal(s) that you’re trying to accomplish and having little progress. All you can do is keep pushing & rely on God.

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