Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursday: Empowering Moments!

It’s Throwback Thursday!  EmpowerMoments has been, through the grace of God, empowering women  as well as others (specifically their children) with our raw testimonies and our outreach ministry for about seven years.  Check out the photos below of some of your EmpowerMoments team at one our recent outreach efforts with Feed My Starving Children. We even get the little ones involved in helping us EMPOWER and bless others!

As we continue our journey of impacting the lives of others, we pray you impact someone else’s life also.  Moreover, check out our latest mission at, and see how you can be a blessing. We are currently raising funds to purchase grocery gift cards for homeless women in the Chicagoland area and purchase school supplies for their children who return to school on September 2.

Additionally,  if you would like to give an offering to our outreach ministry, please contact us at  We appreciate you and thank you for being a loyal reader and a blessing to our ministry!


The EmpowerMoments Team

Image (2)Image (3)


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