What’s Up Wednesday


You may have noticed that no new EmpowerMoments have been released since September.  You might be asking, “What’s up with EmpowerMoments?”  Well, there’s a good reason behind the absence of your daily EmpowerMoments.

From October to December, EmpowerMoments will be on hiatus and under construction.  Our EmpowerMoments team will be taking the time to restructure as well as EMPOWER ourselves.  We need empowering too!  While we are on hiatus, we are still gearing up for a new and much more impacting year.

While we are on break, we will still post an EmpowerMoment from the past every Thursday and keep you posted on any EmpowerMoments updates and news.  You can also keep up with us via social media: Facebook and Twitter.  At the start of the new year, we will be up and running, and our blog will have a new look!  So stay tuned and continue to take a moment daily to EMPOWER yourselves!

God Bless,


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